The 23PE, or the 22-Plasma Emitter is a powerful semi-automatic pistol created by the Imperasins with the purpose to put an enemy down in a quick manner.

Description Edit

The 23PE is a large, intimidating pistol. It has a wooden grip and a sleek, gray slide with a black underside. A rail attachment for lasers and flashlights is on the bottom. Ten plasma-filled cartridges lay in an angled magazine and are fired when the hammer on the back of the gun strikes home. To eject the spent cases, the guns slide will use the little left-over gas in the plasma blast to be pushed back, in which case the empty case is ejected and the hammer is pushed back again thanks to the force of the push.

Stats Edit

Category Statistics
Stopping Power Low- Medium
Action Semi- Automatic
Range 25 mR
Ammo Capacity 10 rnds
Total Capacity 50 rnds
Muzzle Velocity 1200 m/s
Damage 250 dmg
Spread 1/10 Spread
Research Points 2500 RP

Attachments Edit

Flashlight Laser Strobe Light Foregrip Angled Grip Suppressor Flash Hider
Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No

Scopes/Sights Edit

Red-dot DVS x2 x4 x6 x8 x10 x12 NVS
Yes No Yes No No No No No No