Basis Edit

Space of War is an FPS (First Person Shooter) that takes place over a galaxy called Pulseid waging a civil war known as the "Pulseid Civil War" in which races of all kinds join three different factions for one common goal; to destroy each other. You will be able to access numerous planets in a multiplayer fashion with multiple gamemodes, weapons, equipment, aesthetics, vehicles, awards, etc.

Meet the Factions Edit

There are three factions; the Imperasins, Folderons, and Skevrians. The Imperasins are the remnants of the last government to rule over the galaxy "Space of War" takes place in; Pulseid. They have lost control over what is now known as the Folderons and Skevrians and are striving to regain balance, whether that means destruction of the galaxy or not. The Folderons and Skevrians were once a group together called the Risfalians that wanted to end the democracy the Imperasins contained, but split up after a disagreement over how they should do it. The Skevrians are an intelligent group that believe in quality over quantity. They believe that the ruler should be someone from the government of Imperasins as they think they have friends "inside the walls". The Folderons are a group of, if it must come to this name, "ragtag rebels". Most of them are poor and cannot afford any equipment except for what the peoples that agree with them give to them. They believe that they were taxed to much and that the democracy of the Imperasins was unfair, which is why they wage war.