The Magnum Steeler Fire, or MSF, is a very powerful weapon made and used by the Folderons that can cut most enemies' health in half in a single torso-shot. It is booming and will make most people run for cover at the sound of it.

Description Edit

The MSF has a long barrel and a long grip. Meant to be fired with two hands, it is made from a purposefully heavy steel. The gun has a magazine that easily fits into the grip filled with eight .45 Magnum rounds. The pistol operates off recoil to make sure each round gets through.

Stats Edit

Category Statistics
Stopping Power High
Action Semi-Automatic
Range 50 mR
Ammo Capacity 8 rnds
Total Capacity 48 rnds
Muzzle Velocity 800 m/s
Damage 500 dmg
Spread 1/10
Research Points 0

Attachments Edit

Flashlight Laser Strobe Light Foregrip Angled Grip Suppressor Flash Hider
No No No No No Yes No

Scopes/Sights Edit

Red-Dot DVS x2 x4 x6 x8 x10 x12 NVS
No No No No No No No No No